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Plank Grabber

Plank Grabber

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Introducing Plank Grabber, the ultimate tool for fixing gaps in floating floors. This innovative tool features a powerful suction system that uses millions of tiny little suckers to grip onto the flat areas of the floor, making it easy to move planks without leaving any residue behind. The Magic Grip Strip is not sticky to touch and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth to maintain its grip.


To fix gaps in your floors, simply place Plank Grabber on the plank you want to move, give it a few taps with a rubber mallet, and watch the gap disappear. Made with premium 6060 Anodised Aluminium, Plank Grabber is the easiest way to repair gaps in floors fast.


For a permanent result, use Floor-Fix Pro adhesive to hold the plank in place. With Plank Grabber and Floor-Fix Pro Injection Adhesive, you can say goodbye to unsightly gaps in your floating floors permanently.

Simply place Plan Grabber on the plank you want to move. Press down firmly and tap with a rubber mallet.



How does Plank Grabber stick to the plank?

The Magic Grip Strip is designed to create suction to the plank, even when the surface is not completely smooth.


How do I get Plank Grabber to un-stick? 


Simply tap the side of Plank Grabber with a rubber mallet and the vacuum will be broken until you need it again.


How long does the Magic Grip Strip last?


If you clean it with a damp cloth after every use and use the protective cover, it should last for many years.


Will it bend if I hit it too hard?


If you use the rubber mallet then Plank Grabber will not bend or break. It is made of Premium 2mm thick aluminium.


Will another gap form when the plank is moved?


Maybe. Sometimes, each plank will needed to be shifted towards the centre of the room to close the gap. Sometimes, Plank Grabber will drag the chain of planks with it (yes, it is that strong) and you might not need to move any other planks.


What if the plank I am moving pulls several planks with it? 


Plank Grabber is capable of dragging a train of 4-5 planks along at the same time. Just add a bit of weight to the top of it when you are tapping.


How do I prevent the gaps from reforming?


Use Floor-Fix Pro adhesive in the gap before closing and it will hold it in place forever.

Here's a couple of ways to use Plank Grabber



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Plank Grabber makes the difficult task of fixing gaps in floating floors, simple.

Thousands of tiny suckers...

If you have ever tried to close gaps in floating floors using suction cups, duck tape, tyre chucks or any other type of "hack" you see online, you'll know that it can be a time consuming, thankless task. modern wood floors are usually textured with a wood grain, and this means suction cups cannot create a reliable contact with the plank you are trying to move. Plank Grabber uses a "Magic Grip Strip" which includes thousands of tiny suckers that grip to the plank under extreme suction. By using this method, even floors with a texture can be grabbed and shifted to close gaps. We use premium anodising to ensure the tool remains in perfect condition for years. It also looks cool!

We have a solution for every floor

Whether you have loose tiles or a creaky wood floor, we have you covered.

A flooring professional with charge a fortune to fix a creaky floor. We enable you to do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Plank Grabber Customer Reviews

Works amazingly well

I have some laminate floorboards in my home - its quite an old house so the floors aren't even, meaning they sometimes separate and slip out of place. I ordered this and it actually works! Video is on the review to show how it works. Just add suction to the plank and gently tap it to secure it in place. Works a treat and really happy, as it means I can easily pop them into place when they slip out

H Hirst Verified Buyer