Discreet Repair For Carpeted Floors, Stairs & Subfloors

Discreet Repair For Carpeted Floors, Stairs & Subfloors

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No need to remove carpets

Fix Squeaky Subfloors

Permanently Fix Noisy Subfloors

The easiest way to fix creaky floors without pulling them up

  • Fix Squeaky, Wood, Laminate & Bamboo Floors
  • Three product solutions available
  • Safe to use with Under Floor Heating
  • The start point for silencing squeaky floors


Which product do I need for my floor?+
Is this guaranteed to fix squeaky my floors?+
What's the difference between Click Lube and Groove Gasket?+
Are my floors compatible?+
Includes our Patented Syringe Tip For Fast Mess-Free Application

Professional Floor Repair For Everyone

The fastest way to fix loose tiles

  • Includes Built In Syringe Tip
  • Anti-Clog Cap prevents clogging and keeps fresh between uses
  • Can be used to fix squeaks in floors WITHOUT grooves
  • Suitable or Ceramic, Marble, Slate, Clay, Stone,Wood, Laminate Bamboo, LVT


What is so special about the tip?+
Is this just an EVA glue?+
Why do I need an Anti-Clog Tip?+
How can I fix a creaky floor with this product?+
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Use Nano-Suction to fix gaps in seconds

  • Can be used to close gaps in floors or hold planks in place while laying floors
  • Sticks to planks even with wood grain texture and leaves no residue
  • Can be used to fix gaps in the short and long edge of the planks
  • Made of T6 Anodised Aluminium


What is so special about a chunk of aluminium?+
What type of floors does it work on?+
How does Plank Grabber grip the plank?+
Will the gap fix be permanent?+
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What can I say..it works.

We are a professional floor covering store. We had an issue with a brand new installation Of approximately 500 sq meters . Two weeks after install after all base boards and fixtures were install the floor began it snap like a bowl of rice Krispies. We applied one coat of Quick Lube and it was 80% better. We continued with a coat of Groove Gasket for a second a second application, The sounds are all gone! This product saved us a very expensive redo of approximately $ 10,000.00 . Very very pleased

Doug Cannell - Nufloors, Canada Verified Buyer