Fix Carpeted Strairs & Floors. Fast.

Fix Carpeted Strairs & Floors. Fast.

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No need to remove carpets

Fix Squeaky Subfloors

Permanently Fix Noisy Subfloors

Use Nano-Suction to fix gaps in seconds

  • Can be used to close gaps in floors or hold planks in place while laying floors
  • Sticks to planks even with wood grain texture and leaves no residue
  • Can be used to fix gaps in the short and long edge of the planks
  • Made of T6 Anodised Aluminium


What is so special about a chunk of aluminium?+
What type of floors does it work on?+
How does Plank Grabber grip the plank?+
Will the gap fix be permanent?+
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Includes our Patented Syringe Tip For Fast Mess-Free Application

Professional Floor Repair For Everyone

Fix Loose Tiles (Without silly syringes!)

  • Includes Built In Syringe Tip for 80% faster application
  • Anti-Clog Cap prevents clogging and keeps fresh between uses
  • Can be used to fix squeaks in floors WITHOUT grooves
  • Suitable or Ceramic, Marble, Slate, Clay, Stone,Wood, Laminate Bamboo, LVT


What is so special about the tip?+
Is this just an EVA glue?+
Why do I need an Anti-Clog Tip?+
How can I fix a creaky floor with this product?+
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Fix Creaky Laminate & Engineered Wood

  • Fix Squeaky, Wood, Laminate & Bamboo Floors
  • Three product solutions available
  • Safe to use with Under Floor Heating
  • The start point for silencing squeaky floors


Which product do I need for my floor?+
Is this guaranteed to fix squeaky my floors?+
What's the difference between Click Lube and Groove Gasket?+
Are my floors compatible?+

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Floor-Fix Pro
Made in the UK For EU Floors?
Includes Two Tips?
Includes Syringe Tip as standard?
Includes a Patented Anti-Clog cap to prevent clogging of the tip?
57% Solids High Strength Adhesive
Professional Grade Thick Walled Cartridge
Oil Free and Non-Flammable
Designed to fix squeaky wood floors
Manufacturer recommended for indoor use
Recommend by the manufacturer to fix squeaky wood foors
Ideal for releasing rusty nuts and fixing squeaking hinges
Suction Cups
Plank Grabber
Designed for specifically for floating floors
Can be used on floors that are not perfectly flat
Can be used on floors that feature as wood texturing
Manufactured from Premium Grade Aluminium
Super Value Bundles

Value Bundles

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What can I works.

We are a professional floor covering store. We had an issue with a brand new installation Of approximately 500 sq meters . Two weeks after install after all base boards and fixtures were install the floor began it snap like a bowl of rice Krispies. We applied one coat of Quick Lube and it was 80% better. We continued with a coat of Groove Gasket for a second a second application, The sounds are all gone! This product saved us a very expensive redo of approximately $ 10,000.00 . Very very pleased

Doug Cannell - Nufloors, Canada Verified Buyer