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Stop Squeak Screw Kit

Stop Squeak Screw Kit

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Stop Squeak is an effective solution for carpeted floors, stairs and subfloors. Stop Squeak repair kit connects uses special scored screws that are driven in from the top of the floor and snap at the neck, about 5mm below the surface of the floor. This means you can fix subfloors and carpeted floors from above without removing the floor surface.

Includes: 1 x alignment and depth control fixture; 1 x snap fixture; 1 x driver bit; 2 x Joist finding tools; 50 x scored screws; 

At Floor-Fix Pro, we understand that every floor is unique, which is why we offer a range of specialised solutions to fix squeaky floors. Our easy-to-follow guide will help you choose the product that's best suited for your floor type.


If you have a floating floor with grooves, including Click System and Tongue & Groove, our Squeaky Floor Treatment Kit is the perfect place to start. This kit includes both Click Lube and Groove Gasket, allowing you to try both products to see which one permanently eliminates the squeak. Once you've determined which product works best, you can purchase larger sizes to treat the entire floor.


For floating floors without grooves or bonded click systems, we recommend our Floor-Fix Pro adhesive. Simply drill a 2mm hole in the problem area, inject the adhesive, apply weight to the floor, and wait 24 hours for a permanent fix.


We recommend using Stop Squeak Screw Kit if all the other products we sell fail to resolve the issue. 

Will Stop Squeak work with concrete subfloors?


No. It is for suspended subfloors only (With joists)


Does Stop Squeak screws need to be drilled into the joist?


Ideally yes, we included a joist finder tool to help find them however, you can use Stop Squeak in areas away from the joists.


Will Stop Squeak work on subfloors?


Yes, and you can fix the subfloor without removing the floor surface


Can I use Stop Squeak to fix a creaky staircase? 


Yes, this kit will work on stairs too.


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