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Groove Gasket - Floor Gasket Room Packs

Groove Gasket - Floor Gasket Room Packs

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Groove Gasket is a unique solution designed to prevent creaky floors by providing a flexible gasket that sits in the groove of your ffoating floor. By preventing the bevelled edges of the planks from pinching, it can help resolve squeaky floors quickly and easily. We recommend trying both Click Lube & Groove Gasket before determining which product is best suited to your flooring needs.


Groove Gasket is oil-free, non-flammable, and easy to apply. With our needle tip applicator, you can quickly and easily fix a squeaky room in just five minutes. It is also safe to use with underfloor heating.


Please note that Groove Gasket is not suitable for use on carpeted floors, stairs, creaky subfloors or joists/beams, or creaks caused by structural issues.

We understand that each floor is unique, which is why we offer a range of products to fix squeaky floors. To help you choose the right product for your floor, here's a guide:


For squeaky floating floors with grooves, including click systems and tongue & groove, we recommend starting with our Squeaky Floor Diagnostic Kit. This includes both Click Lube and Groove Gasket, allowing you to determine which product eliminates the squeak permanently.


 Once you've found the right product, you can purchase it in larger sizes for further use.


For squeaky floating floors without grooves or bonded click systems, we suggest using our Floor-Fix Pro. Simply drill a 2mm hole in the area that creaks, inject the adhesive until it pools under the floor, apply weight, and wait 24 hours.


Our products are compatible with a variety of flooring types, including engineered wood, laminate, hardwood, bamboo and LVT.

What is the difference between a click system floor and a tongue & groove?

Both these floors are floating floors however, the way they connect is different. If you are not sure which floor type you have don't worry, Squeaky Floor Treatment can fix both as long as the floor has grooves.


Click Lube and Groove Gasket both work on Click System floors. Why do you make two products that do the same thing?

Click Lube and Groove Gasket are both designed for floating floors with grooves but work in  different ways. 


There is a lot of science behind the two products but in simple terms, click lube lubricates the interlocking sections of the floor (usually at the bottom) and Groove Gasket sits at the top of the profile and prevents squeaks coming from the pinch point between the planks. 


Your floor will either need one or the other, so try both products by starting with the Squeaky Floor Treatment.


Are you products for fixing squeaky floors safe?

Yes, Squeaky Floor Treatment is non-flammable, odorless and free of oils or harmful chemicals.


I used your Squeaky Floor Treatment and the creaking didn't go away. Why?

Three possible reasons. 1) You don't have a floating floor with grooves 2) Your subfloor is creaking 3) You didn't follow the instructions.


I saw on YouTube that WD-40 is great for fixing squeaky floors, so why do I need this?

We love WD-40 for releasing rusty nuts, it's really great at that but it is neither good for fixing squeaky floors nor is it good for wood. and laminate floors.  Worse still, it will turn your home into a flammable tinder box that smell like a gas station.  Use WD-40 for rusty metal and use our products if you are serious about fixing your floors safely and permanently. 


Once I treat my creaky laminate floor, how long will it stay silent?

This depends on the floor type and why it is creaking. Most customers use the product once I don't have to re-treat for many years.


Will this fix creaky stairs?

Are you an Amazon customer?! No, it won't work on stairs.


Can you guarantee your products will fix my squeaky floors?

No we can't - life simply does not work that way. If they do work however, you will save yourself thousands on getting the work done by a pro., 

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