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Floor Fix Pro 6-Pack

Floor Fix Pro 6-Pack

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Floor-Fix Pro is a super strength, low viscosity bonding adhesive for repairing loose or hollow tiles and creaky wood floors. To fix loose tiles simply drill a hole in the grout lines and inject and forget!  Floor-Fix Pro comes with two tips. The first is a standard tip, suitable for large tiles. The second is a patented syringe tip with a stainless steel 14 gauge needle, designed for narrow grout lines and grooved wood floors.

 Floor-Fix Pro is water-based and dries clear and flexible which means it moves with the floor and won't crack or become brittle and our syringe tip means you get the job done faster and without the need for a messy separate syringe! Better still, our tip features an anti-log cap that prevents the tip from clogging up and keeps the product fresh long after you have used it.


Click Lube, Groove Gasket and Floor-Fix Pro work in very different ways. Click Lube allows the click system itself to move freely underfoot while Groove Gasket provides a flexible invisible gasket between the pinch points of the planks. 


Floor-Fix Pro on the other hand is used on floors that do not have any grooves at all.


If you have a grooved wood floor, then start with Squeaky Floor Treatment which contains 30ml bottle of both Click Lube and Groove Gasket.


If you have wood floors without grooves use Floor-Fix Pro.





How does Floor-Fix Pro fix loose tiles?

You simply drill a 2mm hole each side of the loose tile and then insert Floor-Fix Pro's needle tip into each hole and inject. The Adhesive will pool in the cavities under the tile and after 24 hours, it will be set and secure the tile permanently.


How do I fix creaky laminate floor (Without Grooves) with Floor-Fix Pro?


Simple drill a hole in the area where creaking occurs and inject Floor-Fix Pro until the hole is full. Repeat in other areas where creaking occurs then wait 24-hour before walking on the floor.


How is this any different to PVA glue?


PVA is not as strong nor as flexible as Floor-Fix Pro. Using PVA for tiles of wood floor may work for a short time but PVA will crack because it is not designed to move with the natural movement in floors and sub-floors.


What is so special about the needle tip?


if you are professional tradesperson, Floor-Fix Pro will be much easier, quicker and less messy than using one of our competitor products. If you are a regular DIY enthusiast, you will find our product to be easier to use rand to stay fresh for longer thanks to our anti-clog tip. Both professional users and casual users will save money and time + the environment will than you for not throwing out ANOTHER half-full dried out cartridge! 

Fix floors with narrow grout lines in half the time. Watch this comparison video to see how.


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Not just any adhesive...

Floor-Fix Pro is a next generation bonding adhesive that has been redesigned to fix many of the problems typically associated with Floor Fix products. Versatile, strong and flexible, Floor-Fix Pro is a marriage of a brilliantly redesigned tip and a super strong, flexible adhesive. Together you can fix almost any floor issue.

Loose Tiles

Creaky Wood Floors

Creaky Wood Floors

Any Floor Fixings

Video: Fix loose tiles like a Pro

Apply To Groove

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Wait 12-24 hrs

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Floor-Fix Pro Comparsion

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Floor-Fix Pro
Loose Tiles and Creaky Floors?
CoIncludes Two Tips?
Includes built-in Syringe Tip?
Includes an Anti-Clog cap to keep product fresh after use?
Guaranteed for the life of the floor
Professional Grade Thick Walled Cartridge

Don't replace loose tiles. Fix them!

Floor-Fix Pro can save you money by avoiding pulling up or replacing loose tiles.

We have a solution for every floor

Whether you have loose tiles or a creaky wood floor, we have you covered.

Fix Creaky Wood & Laminate Floors For as little as £0.67p per square meter

Customer Reviews

Does Exactly What It Needs To!

Easy to use and works great on a few loose tiles on the kitchen floor. There's not really much else to say about it, it does what it's designed to and is affordable..

Malcolm Smythe Verified Buyer